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Buffalo, New York – Local business owner Ruth Barnes of RuthAnn Boutique located in Williamsville will be donating 10% of her 2017 sales to PATH Inc. The check will be presented on Thursday, January 25 at the PATH Enrichment Center 1083 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo at 1pm. The generous contribution will go toward programming for the PATH Enrichment Center that provides support services for women and youth who are vulnerable, traumatized or have been exploited.

Human Trafficking is a growing problem not just globally but in the community of Western New York. Education and prevention measures can stop this atrocity and PATH is committed to this end.

“RuthAnn Boutique is more than happy to be working with PATH by offering financial support to its endeavors. I chose to support PATH because this organization values all individuals and offers support services to any woman or child that is vulnerable to traumatization or exploitation,” says Barnes.

Palmer said that this contribution demonstrates how a business and not-for-profit can join the community together to care for the most vulnerable. “Ruth is compassionate and generous and has a heart for women and children that are marginalized. We are incredibly grateful for her support and we know it will have a profound impact on the women and children we serve,” Palmer explains.

About PATH Inc.

PATH (People Against Trafficking Humans) Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit organization with a mission to end exploitation and oppression through awareness, action and aftercare. The PATH Enrichment Center is located on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY and provides a safe place for lives to be enriched and hope to be restored through support services.

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