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Take Action

For Students

  • Host an awareness event at your youth group or school.
  • Raise awareness and invite a speaker to address modern day slavery.
  • Participate in our Post it! Campaign (Post posters with the national hotline number for human trafficking).
  • Fundraise with creativity and use your gifts and talents to raise support for PATH (Host a concert, have a yard sale, car wash, food stand or sell artwork).​

Raise Your Voice

  • Engage in advocacy by contacting local congressman/assemblymen to strengthen laws against perpetrators.
  • Learn about the signs of trafficking and speak against it.
  • Spread the word on social media.

For Churches

  • Join Freedom Sunday and participate with churches around the globe to raise awareness against slavery and oppression.
  • Host an awareness night or event.
  • Partner with PATH and support us financially.
  • Be a prayer partner and commit to praying for our efforts and for those we are trying to serve.​


  • Sponsor a Survivor through our Survivor Support Fund or give monthly to support our Enrichment Center (see our donation page).
  • Give up your special day! Instead of birthday, Christmas gifts, etc ask people to donate to PATH to give a gift of freedom.
  • Host a dinner or throw a party and invite friends to learn more about PATH and ask for donations.